High Fives!

by Jonny on 30/12/2012

Just for fun, here’s my top five of everything for 2012!

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  1. 3/01/2013Johnny Power says:

    Jonny, I love your work. So glad to find you. A few notes: ‘John Carter’ in your top five movies of 2012, eh? And as ‘The Artist’ was 2011, what about replacing it with ‘Moonrise Kingdom’? Or ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’? Just some thoughts.

  2. 3/01/2013Jonny says:

    Thanks Johnny! Yes, John Carter is right up near the top! ‘The Artist’ was officially released in 2011, but started playing in my area in 2012, which was my rationale for adding it to the list. I actually haven’t seen ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ and haven’t even heard of ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’.. I take it I should give them a watch?

  3. 4/01/2013Pete says:


    Great lists. I’m curious about one of them though. I bought and read Return of the Dapper Men a few months ago. Loved the artwork and the general idea. The book is a beautiful piece of work. But I was, frankly, astounded at how bad the writing and storytelling were. I really thought it was one of the worst things I’d ever read in print. All flash, no substance, not even a coherent narrative.

    I’m not commenting merely to give a negative opinion. I was simply so surprised to see it listed here that I’m curious to hear what you thought its merits were?

  4. 4/01/2013Jonny says:

    Pete, you called me out. And I needed to be called out.
    I was pretty happy with my film and music lists, but I wanted to add a little diversity to the ‘comics’ list, and the easiest way to do that was to add a high-profile, sophisticated Archaia book. If I’d been more truthful, I probably would have added the fantastic new Amulet volume by Kazu Kibuishi – but that would be yet ANOTHER all-ages title with a female lead. I like lots of styles and genres of comics, but this year’s favorites seemed skewed toward that subgenre and I was trying to diversify. Plus, Amulet is on my list EVERY year.
    Now, the first thing I heard about ‘Dapper Men’ described it as ‘surreal,’ so I was expecting something a little obtuse and dreamlike – so the lack of consistent narrative didn’t bother me so much and I was preoccupied with the sense of place and atmosphere, fascinated not only by the visuals but the way the world unfolded throughout the book. Nebulous depth and narrative? That’s fair. But it worked for me… maybe more as visual poetry than a compelling story.
    So in summary: I like ‘Return of the Dapper Men’ and I don’t regret recommending it — but did it deserve to be on my top five? Probably not. I need to be more honest next time I make a list.

  5. 4/01/2013Pete says:

    Fair enough. Thanks for the response. I’m glad you enjoyed it more than I did :)

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