Turns Out I’m A Sheep

by Jonny on 16/01/2013

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  1. 16/01/2013Josh Ulrich says:

    I love this. All of it. Great job dude!

  2. 17/01/2013Bill B says:

    This is awesome. Thanks for creating it!

  3. 17/01/2013Jonny says:

    Thanks guys! I’m glad it spoke to you as well as me.

  4. 18/01/2013Stephen McCranie says:

    Dude, Josh pointed me over and these essay comics are great. I’m a big fan. Good job!

  5. 18/01/2013Jonny says:

    Thanks Steve! =)

  6. 26/01/2013Breann says:

    The way you combine words and images is creative, witty, concise, and oh so truthful. I needed to be reminded of this today. Thanks, Jonny!

  7. 26/01/2013Jonny says:

    Thanks Breann! =)

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