Fun meets fantasy in the adventure comic series from cartoonist Jonny Jimison! Knights and dragons. Bandits and monsters. A warrior princess with a dark secret. A talking horse and a cursed satchel. And much more.
Volume One: Martin and Marco
Rabbit Room Press, 180 Pages, 2019
As the king's guard launches the dragon crusade, Martin and Marco are drawn into an unexpected journey that lands them in the path of bandits, monsters, a cursed satchel and even a talking horse - not to mention dragons!
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Volume Two: The River Fox
Rabbit Room Press, 200 Pages, 2021
Marco Millar and his talking horse, Scout, are captives of the desert nomads! Now it's up to Marco to stage a daring escape. Meanwhile, Martin, Lingo, and Princess Robin race through a territory rife with monsters, dragons, and the outlaw army of the notorious bandit, The River Fox!
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