Chronicler of playful adventure.
I've always loved visual storytelling. As a kid, I clipped Calvin and Hobbes comics from the daily newspaper and watched Warner Brothers cartoons on VHS; more recently I've been devouring the animation of Studio Ghibli and comic albums from Europe like Tintin and Asterix.
But I love a good adventure story, too. You can often find me playing one of the many Legend of Zelda games, or re-reading Treasure Island or The Lord of the Rings for the bazillionth time. 
My wife Elise and I work from a cozy studio in Tennessee, with lots of birds outside our window and lots of plants growing indoors and outdoors. When we're not creating art and story in the studio, you'll probably find us creating some new recipes in the kitchen, building new things out of Lego, or pitted against one another in a tabletop game (Wingspan is our favorite).
Over the past couple of decades (and many, many sketchbooks) I've created several webcomic series, illustrated a few picture books, and created my own comic series, The Dragon Lord Saga. In every one of these projects, I've been looking for new ways to combine playful visual humor with wide-eyed, earnest adventure.
If you have a project that needs an illustrator or designer, I'm eager to take on new projects and explore new ideas... drop me a line and let's chat!
If you want a cartoon illustration of yourself, friends or family, I've made something of a side-career drawing cartoon portraits and online avatars.
Got art questions or just want to say hi? I'd love to hear from you!
What I do
• Cartooning for print and digital publications
• Illustration commissions and digital caricatures
• Visual Design and layout for books and tabletop games
Thank you!
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